Partial and full restoration of a Citroën Ami, Dyane, Acadiane, …

Do you own a rare Ami 6, a wonderful Dyane or a beautiful Acadiane and would like to spruce it up again? If so, you’ve come to the right place at the 2CV Mehari Factory!

We can restore any A-type, regardless of how old or rare it is. The work can be carried out in one go or divided into parts so that you can spread your budget and the time it takes.

Restorations can be carried out in all areas:


Engine, gearbox, driveshaft, steering, brake system, etc. We can overhaul the parts or replace them with new quality parts. We always listen to your requirements and will keep you informed at all times of the possible solutions.


Sheet metal, rust, dents, holes and so on – we can tackle all jobs on the bodywork. We always discuss the options with you and together we’ll find the ideal balance between the work required and your budget and timing.


The interior of the vehicle also needs to look nice. We work with a number of very talented upholsterers, so it is very possible to upholster the seats again with some lovely covers. The interior trim (door panels, dashboard, boot interior, etc.) can also be taken care of. This might include cleaning with special products, or replacement.

Curious about some of our restoration projects? Take a look at our examples of restoration work.

Partial restoration of a Citroën Ami, Dyane, Acadiane, …

Whether or not you use your classic Citroën on a daily basis for promotional purposes for your own business or simply to drive around in during the summer, you want to have a reliable and good-looking vehicle! However, sometimes it is not possible to carry out a restoration in one go, for all sorts of reasons (you might want to spread the budget, or you use the old-timer as a promotional vehicle or for your job).

If that’s the case, then a partial restoration is a good solution.

We take a look at the vehicle, listen to your requirements, timing and budget. Then together we draw up an action plan that takes as many of your needs and wishes into account. For instance, we may decide to tackle the bodywork first, get rid of all the rust and then apply a good anti-rust treatment to the Ami, Dyane or Acadiane. In the next phase (regardless of how soon or otherwise after the first phase) we can then work on the car’s mechanical side.

Thanks you our many years of experience, we are able to give you a good idea of the work required and how much time it will take, as well as the best sequence to work in.

If you would rather do the restoration work yourself, but still want us to do some of it for you, that is also possible. For example, we could provide a new rolling section (chassis, engine, gearbox, wishbones, axles, wheels, steering), so that you can refurbish the bodywork yourself.

Simply contact us for more information!

Total restoration of a Citroën Ami, Dyane, Acadiane

The rare Citroën A-types are highly sought-after collector’s items. If you own a beautifully restored Ami 6, Dyane or Acadiane, you can expect to attract more attention than the average “duck-owner”!

Do yourself a favour, but above all give your Citroën Dyane, Ami or other A-type the new lease of life it deserves!

Contact us for an appointment and we’ll take a look together to see how we can tackle your A-type.

While carrying out the work, we regularly take photos and give them to you afterwards. If it’s a long-term project, we give you a login to this website, where you can get a regular update during the work about progress. And, of course, you are always welcome to come and look at how we are getting on while the work is being done!

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